[ ♚ ]— “Uh, people can’t read minds.” Boy, that thing about being Miss Martian had better have been a joke. After seeing a half dozen of Ben’s alien forms, a) Rex had thought he’d been done with aliens for good and b) he thought he’d seen them all. And, certainly, the cliched idea of a green-skinned Martian was just comical, right? Along with being totally false.


   ”…You know, I’m eagerly awaiting the punchline to whatever hilarious joke this is gonna be. Lemme guess, it’s something along the lines of, 'don't have your mind read by strangers'? Yeah? That’s pretty funny.” What, she had a team of other Martians behind her, too? What kind of nightmare fuel was this!?

Humans can’t read minds  usually. Like I said, I’m Martian.

Being mistaken for a human was something M’gann hoped would happen at some point, but she did not expect him to be in outright denial.

❝I promise it isn’t a joke, Rex. Do you want me to prove it? I can also shapeshift…which is probably why you don’t believe me. This isn’t my actual form. It’s just how I chose to look when I came to Earth.

Revealing her “real” Martian form was a last resort, but if was going to take that to gain his trust, she would at least consider it. Rex seemed like the type of person who had seen his share of the unnatural, so it shouldn’t scare him away.


   [♚]— Brown eyes widened, and his jaw opened slightly. Miss Martian was just full of surprises, apparently. ”A supercomputer?” Was he drooling? ‘Pretty sure he was drooling. Okay, Salazar, keep it together, keep it together. Only Rex would ever get more excited over a piece of tech than a cute girl.


   He frowned slightly. “Wait, what do you mean by ‘precautions’?” The E.V.O made finger quotations. “Does that mean, like.. uh, I dunno, taking fingerprints? Asking for a birth certificate? ‘Cos I don’t really have the last one..”

Oh, no, nothing like that. My friends and I - my team, really - we’ve had problems with trust in the past. Recently we discovered that one of our own was a mole, so none of us want to take chances.

❝I would have to read your mind. But don’t worry, I promise it’s nothing invasive. Only what I need to make sure that you have good intentions. Not that I doubt you, of course. It’s just the safest thing to do.

Seeing as he had shown almost no surprise to her telling him that she was a Martian, she hoped this reveal of one of her superpowers shouldn’t come as a surprise to him.

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     ”Nice!  My grandma made one of those once.  Or she tried to.”


     ”So, what do you need me to do?”

❝Well, the mousse has very specific instructions for the temperature; some of the ingredients have to stay cold and some have to stay warm, and it has to be cooked a very precise temperature or it’ll be ruined

❝Maybe I should’ve gone over all of the instructions before starting. This might be a little above my skill level.


[♚]— He dimly remembered the capital of Rhode Island actually being a city called Providence, but if Megan didn’t know that, well, Rex wasn’t about to say so. “Uh, it’s a corporation that I work for. And I kind of need to meet up with some coworkers for… stuff. Do you have any idea if there’s a base here?”


   ”If not, I mean, I can just figure it out on my own.” But that would mean leaving Miss Martian’s company- not an option here.

❝Not that I know of. But if it’s a big corporation, I can probably help you find one. I have access to a pretty powerful supercomputer - or at least my friends do - I might be able to let you use it.

❝But that would mean I’d have to take a few precautions

She knew that letting a stranger use Mount Justice’s computer system was a bad idea, but she felt like she could trust him. Still, reading his mind to be sure seemed like the most careful thing to do - with his permission, of course She had learned that the hard way.



     ”Sure, no problem.  What’re you making?”

❝A chocolate mousse cake. I figured that since I’ve made cookies so many times, this was the next step up.

She had also intended for it to be a surprise for the new teammates, but it was the thought that counted, right?



I'm sorry to impose, but do you think you could help me with this? The next part of the recipe is pretty complicated, I might need another set of hands


   [♚]— "S’up, I’m Rex, Rex Salazar. It’s.. wow, it is a real pleasure to meet you, Megan, can I just say that? Now, what’d you call this place again and how far away is it from Providence…?”


   The ‘martian’ part in her name was just a joke, hopefully. Facepaint. Yeah.

❝It’s nice to meet you too, Rex!

Maybe she’s a little too excited, but meeting new people was always exciting for her.

❝And this is Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. I…don’t actually know what Providence is, let alone where it is, but I can probably take you there if you know.


don’t know if I’d make the best tour guide. I’m pretty new here, too

—but still, welcome to Happy Harbor! You can call me Miss Martian, or Megan.

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